Monday, February 9, 2015

Tell me: what is romantic?

Every winter I spend the slower times working on something around the property. There are no end of projects to choose from no matter how many winters pass. One winter I rebuilt the porch. Another I remodeled the Hideaway. Last winter the Seashore bath was overhauled.  Painting something is a given.  But what about this year?

My first major project was foot surgery. Or as I like to think of it, the pirate-in-training extravaganza . It has been nine weeks and I might be leaving my peg-leg and crutches behind soon.

One of my next projects is to refresh our Whirlpool Suite. Although I still love the red walls and cherry furniture, it may be time for a change. The suite is the only room in the house that pays homage to Victorian decor.

Many guests tell me that they love it. They say it is romantic and cozy. Some think it is dated. One gentleman thought it was "too fussy." (We have cut down on the number of throw pillows since this photo was taken.)

So you tell me: keep the theme with red and gold or move on to something else?  Is something more modern more appealing? Something less red?  Although I don't find starkly modern hotel rooms particularly romantic, I will also admit that I am an old fart that might not know anything about what people find romantic these days.

I am wide open to suggestions. Give me your two cents worth. If I follow your suggestion I'll make it worth your while to come and check out the finished product.