Friday, January 16, 2015

02/14/15 Could be Your Special Date

I know that is is only January but thought I should put an idea into your head before the advertising industry gets into full swing. Valentine's Day. Or if you prefer, President's Day Weekend.  This is the traditional weekend of fun and relaxation with a little bit of pressure to assure your significant other of your deepest feelings of love and commitment.  Don't panic. Blueberry Cove Inn can help.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to come to relax, enjoy some fine dining, comb a winter beach and possibly pop "the" question?

Can you imagine making your anniversary so special that it is unforgettable by tying the knot on Valentine's Day?

If those ideas are too cliche, no problem. Ignore (if you can) all the hearts and roses and think of Presidents. I can't be certain that Lincoln frequented our area but Washington sure did. Not to mention that his favorite portrait painter lived less than five miles from the inn. We have history galore in the area. That history could include visiting colonial era pubs and taverns, the Sons of Liberty distillery, or any of the other national treasures in the region.

If you and your companion are shoppers, take advantage of all the sales and save big time as clothing and shoes are not taxed in this great little state.

If you are an intrepid fisherperson, there are creatures in our deep waiting to take your bait.

So, now you have some reasons to get out of your town and into Narragansett. What could be sweeter than an extra incentive from your innkeeper?  Book before February 1, 2015  for dates between February 12 and 16, 2015 for these specials:

Our Elopement Package will include a two-night stay instead of a one-night stay.

Our Family and Friends Wedding Package will be discounted by 14%.

Two-night stay guests will have their choice of a Fudge Cake or Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Sweetie Package at no additional charge. (Must be booked on-line.)

I'll be waiting for your calls. Remember, the whirlpool rooms always book quickly so don't dilly dally.


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