Friday, May 3, 2013

Rejoice! Marriage Equality Embraced by Rhode Island

Gov. Chafee signs the bill into law
When you enter business you are always told never to discuss sex, religion or politics with the clients. Well, I guess I am breaking the rules today because I want to celebrate Rhode Island's decision to accept love as the standard for marriage and to pass a marriage equality 
bill that was signed into the State's laws yesterday afternoon. 


Touro Synagogue tour
I have long been a believer in equal rights and tolerance. I live in a state that was founded on freedom of religion when Roger Williams was booted out of Massachusetts for not being a good Puritan.  We have the oldest synagogue in the country just across the bridge in Newport. And now we allow every human being to marry the human being of his or her choice. How great is that???

Elopement Package

Obviously this is a contentious issue and not everyone thinks it is great. But here at Blueberry Cove Inn, I want to celebrate everyone's happiness.  I want to embrace new families from every walk of life. I want to be dizzy from dancing, tipsy from the champagne toasts and sneezing from all the wedding flowers.

So to everyone, even if you don't get married here, have a blast at your wedding. To all, straight and gay and lesbian, celebrate your way and have a happy life together.