Saturday, May 18, 2013

Discount on Walking Tour of Newport

One of the fun things about Narragansett is its location. Although most people hear "Narragansett" and think:

1) Huh? 
2) Beach time! 
3) Weddings! 

Really they should also be thinking 

4) In the center of everything. 

Yes, Narragansett is on a great ocean-facing piece of land and it has lovely beaches and weddings. But it is also within a 15 to 30 minute drive to many other destinations. One of the most popular is Newport.

Lots of people run over there to shop, tour the mansions, experience the nightlife and explore the bird sanctuary. Others revel in the history. Well, this deal is for the latter. 

Groupon has a discount for two historic walking tours produced by the Newport Historical Society and the Newport Restoration Foundation. To quote the deal, "Walking tours explore the history of colonial Newport and Newport during the Golden Age." 

So, if you are into history, walking or just doing something different AND like a bargain, check out this offer.

Note: no one at Groupon, the Historical Society or Restoration Foundation knows who the heck I am so I'm not getting any kickbacks for sharing.