Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Have you ever been driving and realize that you are about to reach a mileage milestone?  You know, 50,000, 666666, your birthdate, things like that?  The kind of number that you drive around the block so you can witness it or the kind of number that you mourn because some other driver in the family reached it and didn't even notice?

Well, we, my peeps, are about to hit the big 250 in votes for Blueberry Cove Inn's quest to pass the first hurdle in the small business grant competition. We are down to the last 13 votes.

Sadly, I have to walk away from the computer and take brush to the dump. This is one of the more glamorous jobs at the inn and I don't dare delegate it to someone else while I stare at the computer screen waiting.

So,  while I'm gone someone get organized and vote. I'll even pick up a Del's on the way home to celebrate (and rehydrate.)

You know the routine: go to, sign in at the bottom of the page, search for Blueberry Cove Inn and cast your vote.

Got to run, the dump seagulls are calling.

Innkeeper Seely