Monday, June 18, 2012

Open Road Tolling Making Its Debut on Newport Pell Bridge

And now, a guest post:

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority is pleased to announce that open road tolling is just days away. We want to inform you about the changes to the Newport Pell Bridge plaza so you can be ready to be in the correct lane.

The new left lanes are for the exclusive use of vehicles with E-ZPass transponders only. The gates have been removed so you can drive through without stopping. You can still use the gated lanes if you prefer because E-ZPass will be accepted in all lanes.

The new open road tolling lanes will open at the end of June. New road signs will appear shortly to help drivers navigate to their correct lanes. Because of the many changes to the plaza, please use caution when travelling through the plaza in the next few weeks as everyone becomes accustomed to the new configuration.

If you are travelling westbound and wish to use the Jamestown exit, please use the far right lane, even if you have an E-ZPass transponder. Lane dividers in the open road tolling lanes will prevent drivers from crossing over lanes to get to the exit. If you use a lane other than the far-right lane, you’ll have to continue on to a further exit and then backtrack to your destination. By designating the lanes in this manner, we’re improving toll plaza safety for everyone.

The speed limit in the open road tolling lanes is 40 miles per hour.

If your transponder isn’t mounted, now is the time to correct that. Transponders that aren’t mounted correctly can’t be read – and will trigger a violation notice. To avoid the hassle of contesting the unpaid toll notice, please mount the transponder. If you need an extra set of mounting strips, please let us know and we’ll provide them free of cost.

How does RITBA know if cars without E-ZPass transponders are in the open road tolling lanes? Cameras are positioned on the gantry and take photographs of license plates. When vehicles pass through without paying tolls, the owner of the vehicle’s registration will receive a notice in the mail to pay the fine as well as the toll.

Like you, we’re so happy that the construction period in the plaza is over and that the toll collection process will be more convenient and faster for E-ZPass customers.

If you have questions, please call us at 877-743-9727. Additional information is available at

David Darlington,
Chairman, Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority