Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updating the dining room

Fourteen years ago we selected the paint colors for the public areas. (Actually, my brother selected the paint colors due to circumstances that revolved around an innkeeper's leg broken in a fall from a dumpster, a second innkeeper too stressed to make a choice, and major deadline pressure. That's a story for another day.) Over the years the furniture and decorations evolved but the paint stayed the same.  The living room and dining room are fairly traditional without being overly fussy or Victorian. They are pleasant rooms, IMHO, but to be honest, the pinkish beige wall scheme has always bored me to tears. 

So, call it my middle age crisis or a late seven year into innkeeping itch or just pure insanity but a former-innkeeper-girlfriend and I just tore the dining room apart and started painting two days ago. On a spur of the moment, hey we have a stage let's put on a show, we don't have any reservations for a few days, the time is now plan. It was such a sudden, serendipitous, convergence of schedules that I forgot to tell Dave that it was going to happen.

So stay tuned for the big reveal. There's a three toned color scheme: Behr Rhythmic Blue over Rainstorm with white trim. The dividing line is a new chair rail at the level that chairs actually hit the wall. We are playing with possible furniture rearrangement and the window valance is going on to another stage.

If anyone has any suggestions for other changes, feel free to chime in. For instance, I'm really not sure what I what to do to window treatments.

Innkeeper Seely