Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Center Piece That Makes You Smile

I must say that setting the table every day gets a bit samey. Over the years I have tried different center pieces. One winter I had fish from my pond gracing the tables. They were fun but not really practical for the long haul.  These days my fish are too big to bring inside during the winter.

The old stand-bys like candles and flowers are OK. I would rather use flowers from my garden though instead store bought and the Fire Marshall really doesn't like candles. Besides, given our casual attitudes, some mornings candles just seem pretentious.

My current inspiration couldn't be easier or more inexpensive. I found two feathered birds in a pack at the Dollar Store that look a bit like the cardinals that frequent the bird feeders outside the dining room window. (They were with the Christmas ornaments.) Then I cut a bit off of the Christmas tree scraps for them to sit on.

 I find them very cheerful. Since they aren't strictly holiday themed I think they may be spending most of the winter months on the table. The down side is that the pine needles are getting dryer and are starting to drop. I will probably switch to holly cuttings or other evergreen cuttings from the garden.