Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Did anyone else notice that it is August? July went past in a blur of wonderful guests coming and going. It looks like August is going to whirl past the same way. We have been operating the Blueberry Cove Inn four blocks from the Narragansett Town Beach for twelve summers now. I don't remember one going by so quickly. (My mom says that is because I am getting old but what could she possibly know?)

Anyway, if you plan to spend any time on a last minute Rhode Island vacation and plan to stay with us, get a move on! August weekends are sold out as of today. We still have some midweek vacancies but those are going fast too. You have a chance at Labor Day Weekend though. How can you pass up a chance to come home to air conditioning after a wild day at the Rythm and Roots Festival over in Ninigret Park? How could you pass up our breakfasts before you go off on those bike rides or golf dates? Oh, and the beach, the beach still beckons a mere four blocks away.

So get organized! Check the reservation calendar and book now! Don't have your girl call my girl who calls your companion's girl (yes, I am old enough to remember when sexism was the norm at the office.) I'd say, "Just do it," but I'm afraid some big corporation might come after me.

If you don't act now don't blame me when your room is booked out from under you. I'm just saying. . .