Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breakfast Dilemma

Fruit, yogurt and granola have been the traditional first course for breakfast here at Blueberry Cove Inn for 12 years.  It has been so popular that we believe that a certain fast food place that used to sport yellow arches ripped off the idea. We in Narragansett have big hearts and realize imitation is actually flattery so we will give them a pass.

But, what do you do when you go to the store to buy fruit and yogurt for breakfast but get so very distracted by the fruit department that you completely forget the yogurt?

First you are glad that Innkeeper Dave is out of town and won't find out about it. Then you get creative. I just happened to have the perfect, albeit offbeat, solution in the fridge.

Everyone should have cherries and a small slice of chocolate chip cheesecake for breakfast once in awhile. It's crustless and good for the soul. Wish you were here mom, I stole the idea from you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Tuesdays, After the Afternoon Delights

Summer offers so many afternoon delights in the Narragansett, RI region. Yeah, yeah, the South County Tourism Council thinks Narragansett is just part of the South County Region and the State thinks we are in Washington County but if you have been here you know we are the epicenter of fun. But I digress.

We've got the beaches, the nature trails, the museums, the shops and the restaurants galore. You can golf, bike ride, horseback ride, wave ride with sail boards, surfboards or kayaks. You can wander the historic areas and gawk at the fine Victorian architecture on tree lined streets. You can see a real Tiffany window at a local church. Take a trolley tour to pick up a little history and then eat lunch at the historic Towers. Visit farmers markets, go fishing, or stuff yourselves flats full of pick your own fruits to take home to your city friends.

You can always rest on the porch or in the yard here at the Blueberry Cove Inn. You can even retreat to your air conditioned room for a little nap. Once you are rested but not ready for dinner plans you might want something "light" to fill the time.

On Tuesdays at 5 pm,  take the opportunity to join a guided tour of the botanical gardens at the University of Rhode Island. If you have never visited the campus it you will find that it is a lovely blend of architectural styles and extensive plantings. The RI Agricultural Extension Service makes its home on campus and an astonishing variety of plant experimentation takes place on the main campus (including the College of Pharmacy's medicinal garden) and at their nearby farms.  If you can't make it on Tuesdays, you can request a campus guide and tour on your own. With or without a guide it is a relaxing way to spend the early evening. So go, hold hands with your companion. Sneak a little kiss. After all, Virginia isn't the only place for lovers.