Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Salmon Scrambled Eggs

Quick recipe:
  1.  Buy a B&B in Narragansett, RI.
  2.  Attract wonderful guests that love seafood but bring home extra portions. (Safety note: only food that is brought home directly from the restaurant can be used and only the guest supplying the fish is served this dish.)
  3.  Flake the fish gently, chop if you think the bits are too large. Plan on one heaping tablespoon of fish for each egg used.
  4. Whisk a heaping tablespoon of cream cheese into one egg until frothy.
  5. Add three more eggs and whisk a bit.
  6.  Pour into a prepared pan and begin to cook just like any scrambled egg.
  7. Add the salmon, continuing to cook to the dryness you like.
  8. Serve to happy guests.
Narragansett is home to the village of Gallilee which boasts of one of the largest fishing fleets in New England. Naturally eating that seafood is one of the joys of coming to Rhode Island. Last evening the guests went to the Mariner Grill where they had a fantastic meal. Like most entrees in the region the portions were a bit too large for one meal so they brought home a gorgeous piece of salmon.

This morning breakfast featured ravishing red strawberries with vanilla yogurt and granola, the ever popular Belgium style waffle, and sides of scrambled eggs with salmon. More members of the Clean Plate Club left the dining room!