Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are we going to be too cute or what?

It is Narragansett, RI in the year 2011. The modern conveniences travelers enjoy like WIFI, yummy breakfasts, TVs with DVD players, and air conditioning are all found at the Blueberry Cove Inn.

You will also find that most retro of clothing: aprons.

I feel a little like I am channeling June Cleaver and her posse but they knew what they were doing. An apron protects your clothing and gives you pockets to stash things that you need during the day. Granted she probably kept a dust rag in hers and I keep a cordless phone in mine but neither of us would feel complete with out our trusty garb.

Now that we have housekeeping helpers, Liz and Annie, we need some new aprons. This is the first of the new batch that my mom in Texas is sewing for us. Thanks mom!!

Now if I could only find my little string of pearls to wear while cleaning I'd be all set.