Friday, February 4, 2011

Cha-cha-cha Changes

As we go into our 12th year as innkeepers we realized the world has changed, Narragansett has changed, our waistlines have changed, and our guests are going to keep on changing. Our career of owning and operating a comfortable bed and breakfast inn located in the heart of the Narragansett Pier has been both what we expected and an eye opener.

We couldn't imagine needing air conditioning four blocks from the ocean but our guests let us know when it was time to add it to our amenities. We welcomed our first dog guests last year and have found most of them to be delightful. We didn't want to add TVs but now our guests enjoy both cable and DVD players. We were among the first to offer a guest computer and WIFI though. We quickly realized that our front porch and yard swings were popular spots for guests to gather so we've added more outdoor cuddling spaces and rebuilt the porch to make it more comfortable.

Of course, this year is no different. Snow days have given us plenty of time to tackle this year's projects. First up: The Hideaway.
Somehow the gold color in the king bedroom never really worked out. That original headboard was a nightmare and our photos were never very good.

The other Hideaway rooms have equally bad photos on the website. Although we aren't doing a wholesale remodeling again every room will be a little different this year.

So stay tuned for news about our other changes and a "big reveal" of new photos near the end of the month.
As always, if there is something you would like to see us change or offer let us know. We love getting constructive criticism and helpful advice