Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poetry at Blueberry Cove Inn, Narragansett RI

Like most B&Bs we have an open guest book for departing guests to leave comments. It is something we point out but never push. Some visitors pull the book off of the shelf and read it cover to cover. We look through it when we get nostalgic or need a pick me up.

Over the years we have had many little notes of praise and thanks. Some are in foreign languages, a few were little drawings, some were a huge surprise from guests that we didn't think enjoyed their stay. This weekend we got our first poem:

When looking for the perfect get-away
We know just the place for you to stay,
A delicious breakfast to start the day,
Blueberry Cove Inn, that's what we say!

You guys were Fantastic! I hope to come visit again, what fun!
Nicole and Steve

So thanks Nicole and Steve. We hope you come back again too.