Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Sunshine on Narragansett Town Beach

Rhode Islanders are sick and tired of the floods and rain and dreary weather of the last few days. Mother Nature relented and today was a gloriously sunny day in the mid-60's. Innkeeper David went to the beach to stretch his legs and play with our new video recorder.

The weekend is going to be just as beautiful. If you can't be here, we hope you have fun where ever you are.

RI Flooding: Not a problem for our guests

Rhode Island flooding has been featured on news videos recently but let me assure you that the entire state has not floated away. Narragansett and most of South County (Washington County) have started to dry out and the weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny. The spring flowers are just starting to pop out, forsythia is in early bloom and the birds have returned from their winter haunts. After the storm it could be a great weekend for beach combing.

If you plan to visit from north of Providence, get off of 95 at the 295 South exit. This will take you around all of the problem areas and put you back on 95 South just before the exit for Rte. 4. Then just follow the rest of our directions and you will be here in no time at all.