Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Storing tax records on the cheap

You would think in a house of this size there would be plenty of storage. Unfortunately, Victorians didn't really think much of closets unless they needed a place to stash my Irish ancestors (AKA, the help) over night. They liked having big flashy pieces of furniture to show off to their friends instead.

Every year I drag out our business records and prepare documents for our CPA to figure out. (She's a saint.)Then I have to save all of those documents for eternity. Well, seven years at least. We have several file cabinets chok-a-bok full of records. Each year one year's worth gets pulled out and a new year gets stored.

Y'all know you can't just toss stuff in a drawer though and expect to be able to find something the CPA wants when she calls next year. That means you have to store each year's valuables in something. Obviously every retailer in town has boxes and files galore to sell you but I am just too cheap to spend that kind of money on something that is going to sleep in a file drawer before going into the fireplace seven years from now.

My solution is to go to a Dollar Store and purchase appropriately sized gift bags with handles. One year I found wedding bags. One year it was party stripes. This year I've gone with florals. Usually I can get everything in two bags so I always buy three that match. (Better to have an extra for a gift than a mismatch in the drawer.) The matching bags help me find my files by year even if both bags don't fit in one drawer.

And that's what Works for me on Wednesdays.