Sunday, November 29, 2009

The 2009 Tree has Arrived

We like Christmas trees and for our 34 years together have always had some version in our home. Once we had the inn we felt obligated to get a tree that touched the ceiling, almost 10 feet worth of tree that is. Fortunately for us the nearby Highland Farm has a huge selection of trees, natural decorations, roping and such. We walk past the carefully pruned high end trees, smile at the pretty mid-priced options and head straight for the bargain trees - $24.99 this year - and always find a tall, straight beauty within moments.

This year Seely actually spotted the tree from Route 1 as we were driving up to the place. Most of the time we are looking for something tall and skinny with three nice sides as we stand it in the corner of the living room. This year we have tall and fat with four nice sides. We'll be decorating it next weekend if anyone wants to come by to help. And the Farm will have plenty of trees if you want to pick up your own bargain.