Friday, October 30, 2009

What can we do in the winter?

Because Narragansett is a beach town, guests often ask what people do when they visit us in the winter. Some veteran visitors remember the days when the year-round residents rolled up the sidewalks after Labor Day.

While many of the shops go to reduced hours and some close in February, most of the best restaurants stay open so you can always find an excellent meal. The Towers, our big event venue overlooking the beach offers dance classes and live music on Thursday evenings.

While you wouldn't want to take dip in the ocean without a wetsuit, many people enjoy a brisk walk at a time of year when beach access is free, and you don't trip over someone when you skip away from an incoming wave. For those who like extreme competition, there's a surfing meet in February and the Polar Bear Club takes its annual dip on New Year's Day.

Both shore and boat fishing continues year round. Your innkeepers will happily take the catch off your hands or help you find space in the guest fridge to save it for your trip home.

It's not too late to enjoy the local Corn Mazes craze. Several mazes are an easy drive away and can be a fun diversion. The associated farm stands are always a good stop. Although the foliage is just past peak you can still enjoy a lot of color in the local nature preserves.

One of the best things about our state is that nothing is very far away. When you stay at our inn you are 15 minutes away from sporting events and concerts at URI's Ryan Center. Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello were among the headliners last year.

Newport is only 20 minutes minutes away, with high-end shopping, fine dining and clubbing. Special events like Christmas in Newport, First Night and the Winter Carnival draw visitors needing to unwind from all that holiday stress.

It will take about 15 minutes more to get to Providence, but the RISD and Brown museums are worth the trip. There are original productions at the Trinity Preparatory Theater, touring Broadway shows at the Providence Performing Arts Center and live music at dozens of clubs in the downtown area.

For more information visit: South County Tourism, Art Tix, or the URI events list.