Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday FAQs: Which is the nicest room?

One of the trickiest questions that guests who are unfamiliar with the inn ask is: Which of your rooms is the nicest? Since we have reshaped and redecorated every space on the property, this is a little like asking a parent which of their nine children is the favorite. They probably have one, but they’re unlikely to go public with the information.

We think all of our rooms are nice. If you’re budget conscious, the Seashore is the least expensive because it has a private bath down the hall and the least floor space (cozy as we marketing professionals like to say). But it has beautiful shorescape wallpaper, attractive wainscoting and an electric fireplace for those who like to snuggle up on fall or winter nights. It also offers a view of the fishpond and is the quietest room since it faces a side street.

Many of our female guests gravitate to the Rose Garden Room, because of the floral bedspread, curtains, and lace canopy over the bed. Seely’s mom had a major role in designing this room and I’m fond of the rose-colored, beveled tiles in the bath (probably because I found them at a closeout sale).

If you crave extra sleeping space, the Shells and Meadow Rooms or the Hideaway and Whirlpool Suites all offer king-size beds. The Whirlpool tubs in the two suites and the Lighthouse Whirlpool Room pretty much sell themselves no matter what the season is. The Hideaway’s whirlpool in front of our only wood burning fireplace is the most popular choice during the cooler months.

Seely is very partial toward the Shells which despite being on the third floor feels light and spacious. The Crow’s Nest (which is begging for a new name) is on its third decorating scheme in 10 years and its d├ęcor is a bit more modern than the others. We have a couple that consistantly books the Glen Room for their get-aways and are disappointed if it is already booked.

The idea when we started out 11 years ago was to provide different levels of accommodation so we had something to offer all income levels and so each room has a distinct character and feel of its own. But when it come to picking a favorite, we’d rather let you decide based on what features are most important to you.