Monday, July 20, 2009

The Competition

We are in our 10th year running the Blueberry Cove Inn. Narragansett has evolved over the years but it is still a lovely seaside town. It is the kind of place that many people visit every year.

We have two sets of guests that visit so often they have begun to feel like family members.

The Chapmans of PA stayed with us that first primitive summer when we still let kids sleep on the floor of their parents' room. Little did we know that they would become such loyal and supportive visitors. The first wedding at the Blueberry Cove Inn will be their son's, whenever that happy event takes place.

The Adlers of RI didn't find us until a few years later when they were walking past the building and feeling very disenchanted with the hotel they had been staying in for years. Happy guests on the porch and the phone number on our sign convinced them to give us a try. Cleanliness, location, and good customer service keeps them coming back.

Both families have witnessed the evolution of the building and suffered through our innkeeper learning curve. Although they have never met they did learn about each other when each tried to lay claim to the title of "Most Frequent Guest." It started as a joke but they ask for the "score" each time they book.

We have other guests that were in the running. One couple got to seven stays but then had one grandchild too many for comfort and now need to rent a bigger house. Some have gotten to eight visits (and still counting we hope.) But the Adlers and the Chapmans have accumulated 23 trips combined.

Currently the Chapmans are ahead with 13 visits to the Adlers' 10.

But Dave and I are the real winners in this competition because we have had the privilege to know so many wonderful people over the years.