Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday FAQs

Many guests want to know if the house is haunted. It all depends on who you ask.

When we first purchased the building it was a cheap, run down boarding house with tenants that were often indulging in recreational medication. They swore that the house was haunted. They said that on a stormy night the house would suddenly get stone cold and the ghost would making clanging noises. They were sure there had been a triple murder on the third floor. (Not that the town kept any record of it of course because it was covered up.)

Sure enough, late November brings a Nor'easter (everyone hum "The Edmund Fitzgerald"). Around midnight the lights flicker but the power comes back quickly. The building suddenly chills, banging and clanging ensues! Great Cesar's Ghost, Superman!

Dashing to the third floor to see the ghost revealed the flimsy plywood fire escape door banging against the iron fire stair rail. The wind had wiggled the door off of its latch. The sudden chill was the feeling of all the heat in the building gushing out of the open door. Bummer.

The door has been replaced so that "ghost" has never returned. Some guests have claimed to see entities on the second floor landing or in the front hall. One claimed to have seen five ghosts in one night. She reminded me of my crazy Aunt though so I don't know that I believed her. A self-described "professional ghost hunter" stayed with us and said that the house was disappointingly empty of "activity" whatever that means.

So who knows if there are ghosts. If you want to see them maybe you will. If you don't want to see them you probably won't. I'm open to the possibilities.