Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday FAQs: The water's just fine

Is Narragansett's water OK to drink?

I can appreciate this question after living in Houston for 18 years. You could walk on the tap water down there. When I first came to Narragansett I continued to buy bottled water. It had never occurred to me to drink from the taps! The tenants in residence while we remodeled laughed openly at my big city ways until I finally relented and tried the water.

It is pure heaven! Clear, cold year round, no sediment and no fluoride. (I know, the fluoride issue has two sides.) It makes astoundingly good coffee and tea. Not too hard, not too soft, it is perfect for bathing. (And the endless supply hot water heater comes in handy too.)

Forget buying bottled water. Bring your sports bottles for the beach. We provide ice buckets, water pitchers, ice and water 24/7. We hope to have Blueberry Cove Inn sports bottles available for use and sale soon. (There are an astonishing the number of sports bottles available from the local logo store. I'm having trouble picking one so pipe up if you have an opinion.)