Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ironing Boards as saw horses

Every May I drag out the front screen door from the garage. Every year it needs painted or new screen. (Actually, it needs screen repairs a lot - one year I fixed it six times in three months because "City People" pushed the door open by putting their hand or luggage through the screen. One sweetie punched it from the outside because he forgot his key and thought it was better to destroy the screen than ring the door bell. But those are stories for another day...)

Traditional saw horses are pretty worthless for this and may other jobs. They aren't tall enough or wide enough or easy to level. The plastic ones fall over too easily, the wooden ones are too heavy. Ironing boards on the other hand are perfect. You can adjust the height for uneven ground, their wide bases are amazingly stable and they are lighter to drag around. And since I bought 12 of them at an auction for $10 I have a bunch sitting around.

Other uses: catch long boards that being ripped on the table saw, as an extension table for my chop saw, as the base under a hollow core door to make a wallpapering table or garage sale table, and as a stand for things that are being painted. Use your imagination and I'm sure you can come up with some other good nontraditional uses. And that's my Works for me Wednesday tip of the week.


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