Sunday, April 19, 2009


After a few slow months (as expected in the winter) we start to tackle the pre-season chores and kindle hope for a good year. The pond gets cleaned out and a minor victory is declared because 10 of the cheapie feeder gold fish we threw in last summer survived the winter and are much larger than expected. The birds are coming back from their vacations and emptying the feeders and suet in record time. The ospreys are repairing their nest on the Little League lights in Sprague Park hopeful of good hunting and fishing. One silly little purple finch has decided to nest behind the light above the Hideaway Suite door. She's hoping it is a safe place; I'm hoping she isn't too messy or loud since it is very close to my nest.

However, the most hopeful sign for the year is the one that made its debut this weekend:

Narragansett, RI: book early, book often.