Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Training Narragansett Style

Spring Training?

Another sign of the changing seasons is the return of winter fowl, but we usually don’t see it quite this early. Last week as I passed the American Legion field, I was startled to see an unusual group of occupants.

Normally when you think of birds on the diamond, Orioles, Cardinals and Blue Jays come to mind. But these Canada geese (refugees from the World Baseball Classic?) apparently couldn't wait for Opening Day, so they took the field, with the area near second base being a particularly favorable gathering point.

I soon discovered that geese and Hollywood celebrities have something in common. They flee at the sight of paparazzi. I had hoped to tiptoe in for a closer shot, but I only succeeded in clearing the area.

Birds returning north and ball fields conjure up images of fun in the sun. But I’m not quite ready to start fixing the bare spots in our parking lot. That would just ensure one more heavy snowfall and the whole neighborhood would know who to blame -- the goofball who regraveled his driveway before April.

Posted by Roving Photographer Dave, Blueberry Cove Inn