Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shipping Cookies

This Works for me Wednesday tip is both a recycling hint and a fabulous way to ship cookies. My mom started this family tradition. Whether it was her idea or something out of 1960's magazine we don't know.

First, force feed your family lots of Pringles. Bake your favorite cookies the same diameter as the Pringles can. Eat all of the ones that are too large for the cans. Don't worry if it makes your can larger.

Drop the cooled cookies into the can. My sister was sending this to a soldier in Iraq so she also used a plastic bag. Mom never sent me cookies in a bag in a Pringles can.

Box up the cookies and send them on their way. The cookies will not crumble. And someone will love you very much for your efforts.

Posted by Innkeeper Seely, Blueberry Cove Inn


  1. I love this idea. My youngest children will love it if I buy Pringles, and my older children that live away will appreciate getting a care package of whole (not cruumbled) cookies. Thanks!

  2. I've wondered how to bake cookies and send them in the mail without them crumbling!!! Now I know and I will definitely be using this idea. Thanks for the tip!

  3. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing your domestic wisdom!