Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast Banter

One of the best aspects of innkeeping is meeting and interacting with so many different people. Seely and I both enjoy observing how other couples relate to each other.

This week we had a 20-something pair booked for Thursday night. She was from Durham, N.C., made all the arrangements for the trip and was pleasantly chatty at check-in. She wore a Duke University hoodie down to breakfast and I teased them about being the only two people traveling north from the Carolinas on the opening day of the ACC Basketball Tournament.

Her boyfriend replied that he'd come from much farther than North Carolina. Seems he's from Belgium and had flown in for her spring break. She then said at least she'd met him halfway, which prompted him to roll his eyes in my direction while she wasn't looking.

So, I asked jokingly: "Does that mean that you flew to Greenland and doubled back?" That got a big laugh from him, and a three-alarm blush from her. "Well, I did drive to New York," she said.

Trying to make amends, I told the boyfriend: "I get it. I've been married for 32 years and sometimes, when the right person is involved, meeting halfway can mean she takes two steps while you cover a mile." Being no fool, he immediately responded, "Absolutely." Which got him a dazzling smile, and a hand reaching across the table as I made myself scarce.

Apparently I didn't embarrass her too much, because they added a second night to their booking.