Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Week in the Life

One of the more enjoyable aspects of running a B&B is that you get a chance to meet people from hundreds of places visiting for all sorts of reasons. We have had guests from all 50 states and 31 foreign countries in the 10 years we've been operating. Who knew Narragansett, RI was such a cross roads for travelers!

What brought this to mind was the fascinating cross-section of folks that have passed through here in the last seven days. Normally this is a pretty quiet time of year (except for the Valentine's Day extravaganza). But for some reason, we have had a very welcome influx of midweek visitors from several far-flung starting points.

We had a gentleman from Lowell, Mass., who proposed to his sweetheart on Valentine's Day at the Beavertail Lighthouse. Fortunately, he got the answer he was looking for and she was flashing a big ring and an even bigger smile at breakfast Sunday morning.

Then there was the couple from upstate New York who had brought their daughters to a retreat at a local Catholic girls school and got spend some private time together. They never missed a serving on our three-day chocolate weekend and promised to come back for future festivities.

On Sunday we welcomed two University of Rhode Island visiting professors, one from Portugal and one from Ecuador, who are staying for five days. To my relief, their English was much better than my rusty high school Spanish and they have enjoyed sampling the local restaurants.

On Monday, a mom from from California checked into the Hideaway Suite with a nanny and three children (oldest age 9). Youngsters often require adjustments in menus and frequently provide cleaning challenges, but in the slow season you have to be willing to go the extra mile to keep your income stream flowing.

Thursday we're expecting a father and daughter from Pennsylvania who are on the road scouting out colleges in New England.

That's four states, three continents, people crossing the Atlantic and traveling from the Pacific, ages ranging from 3 to 79, professors and soon-to-be college students, young couples about to marry and parents enjoying a few moments away from family, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons. And that's just in one week during the off season. If you like variety, this is the job for you.