Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We should go where in January??

Narragansett, Rhode Island of course. We are a happening kind of place even if a few of the restaurants think this is a good month to close. I promise that you will not starve. First we will start you off with a hearty breakfast. Lots of nice lunch places will welcome you . Then you will have a chance to "go outside the box" and try new places for dinner. Don't be surprised if I force you to taste test some new treat that I am considering for Chocolate Weekend. If you plan to go over to Newport, I'll even tell you about a stunning Irish pub that I visited yesterday. (Plus RI is joining the E-Z Pass system later this month so you won't have as much congestion on the bridge.)

So beyond eating and sleeping and romancing, what will you do? This weekend you can check out the Bridal Show at the Towers, the Twelfth Night Celebration in Westerly and join the Audubon Society for a Winter Exploration. Have the beach almost to yourself. Join the surfers or just stay warm on shore and worry about their mental health issues. South County Tourism thoughtfully provides an events calendar that is updated frequently. Have a spa day, go golfing, go on a seal watch boat tour, indulge in some shopping (clothing is tax free), and just indulge in that thing called "relaxation."