Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Snow in RI!!

Rhode Island is exceeding everyone's expectations for snow fall this year. Officially the total is at 36 inches for the season which is more than we normally get in a year. It's extremely annoying to some of us but the folks over at the Yagoo Valley Ski and Sports Park are enjoying some of the best snow boarding and ski conditions ever seen (or so I am told.) Cross country ski tracks have been seen in the snow on the beach too. If you plan to have a snow holiday I happen to know a friendly B&B with whirlpool tubs and fireplaces that won't break your budget....
Anyway, some snow deserves to be ignored because it will melt in our salt air. Some needs to be shoveled because the snow thrower refuses to start. The best snow is the light fluffy stuff that scurries away from a decent leaf blower. Yep, just blast away and soon you have clean and dry pavement. That's what works for me this Wednesday, that is, it would if I owned a leaf blower. Thank goodness for Dave.