Monday, December 29, 2008

45 Days Until Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate Weekend is already trying to sneak up on me. 45 days sounds like a long time but it isn't. (My mother claims it is a sign of my aging that time flies like lightening.) So what do I need for a Chocolate Weekend? Only 28 different treats that hit as many different yet harmonious notes as possible.

Some of it starts with dark chocolate. Have you ever seen a 10 pound chocolate bar? (Well, maybe its a little smaller since I took a chunk for ganache out before the photo was taken.)

Dave is such a cute model. He doesn't even like chocolate all that much which just leaves more for the rest of us.

For those not quite ready to immerse themselves in that much richness there are other levels of chocolate goodness.

Home made cannoli, creme puffs, eclairs, meringue cookies and classic chocolate chips are always a great ending to an afternoon of shopping or sight seeing. There's always the question of which three types of brownies will make the cut. The triple chocolate version from the William Henry Miller Inn, Ithaca, NY just has to be there.

The praline filled chocolate hearts were a huge hit so they could be back on the menu. I like making praline.

The mint chocolate mousse parfaits and heart shaped Black Forest cakes are among my favorites. The mini Snickers Pies have to be there or my neighbor will never speak to me again (she takes the left overs off of my hands.) Classic New York style chocolate chip cheese cake with raspberry sauce and fudge cake with mousse filling are always good bets.

So what should be new this year? I've been working on a chocolate walnut coconut puff pastry that is pretty close to being guest ready. A Chocolate Babka recipe is calling my name. Then there is that 12 Layer Mocha cake recipe I was reading yesterday that uses chocolate liqueur. . .

Time to get baking.