Monday, November 23, 2009

The Kitchen

The stove is dead. The floor isn't getting any prettier. The new stove is in the wings. Everyone who thinks this is the time to put in a new floor raise your hand. Everyone who thinks that putting in a new floor found on Craig's List at half the price of retail is a better idea raise your hand. The rest of you, go read some other blog.

Now don't get overly excited. We aren't shooting for a show place kitchen here. Most of our guests and readers have nicer kitchens than we want or need. Karma often presents itself on Craig's List. This time it was in the form of a high end thick vinyl flooring in a flagstone pattern that was remarkably similar to the flooring we had selected for our kitchen in Houston. The price was right. The size was right. Seely's drive almost to New Hampshire to pick it up on a sunny Sunday afternoon was quite pleasant.

The first day we removed everything from the kitchen floor: knee wall, cabinets, appliances, and plumbing.

The second day the old flooring and subfloor were removed and the new subfloor was put down.

On the third day of fun the vinyl was rolled out and allowed to rest (as were the workers.)

The fourth day we brought the cabinets and appliances back in and waited for the plumber to move the sink lines. The plumber didn't actually arrive until the fifth day which was a very good thing since we had guests that evening and were beginning to worry about how we were going to cook breakfast without a sink.

And that's how you get a new kitchen floor in five days. After the stove arrives the cabinets will be placed in their final positions and we'll have some new photos.


  1. Is that a self sweeping/ mopping floor?

  2. Aren't all floors, fixtures and beds self-cleaning in a B&B? It is a little bit like Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" around here except that we don't allow singing. Excuse me while I get back to eating my bon bons...

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  5. I went for a green kitchen too! And the vintage sink! Only mistake I’m experiencing is that the paint is peeling off the cabs something awful. The “professional” that painted the cabs didn’t prime them and the paint is cracking and peeling. Wish I could share a pic with you.

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